Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hawaiian Shirts are the new Birthday Hats

Today is my dad's birthday, and in his honor, I'd like to celebrate the Hawaiian shirt. You may also know this fan favorite as the 'Aloha shirt' but probably didn't know that it is Hawaii's primary textile export (thanks Wikipedia).
Wikipedia has also graciously informed me that 'Aloha Fridays' - better known now as casual Fridays - grew out of an effort to promote the fanciful attire.
If you're my dad, you know that not everyone considers this variety of floral to be appropriate for a broad range of occasions (exception, the entire range of authors who have written whole books on the subject. But who cares, right? If you're wearing a Hawaiian shirt, you've already worked your cares away. And that's the whole point. Dad, I'm wearing one right now. Happy Birthday.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bajas Unite!

Ah, the baja. You remember it. For a time (this would have been sometime in the early nineties, or perhaps later, if your the dreadlocked St. Marks Place-type). It held a special place in your wardrobe as the go-to cover up for any occasion, from drum circles to watching Saved By the Bell: The College Years.

It's time to bring these back. Just as hip young urbanites have commendeered other colorful ethnic staples, such as beaded moccasins, the baja could be ironically worn with leggings or skinny denim--and by boys and girls alike. It also has a functional purpose, as the kangaroo pocket in front is useful for concealing one's iPhone or as in its previous use, doobies. It will go well with a sweet fixed gear bike and perfectely disheveled hair.

Let's all meet up this Saturday at Bedford and North 6th to start the movement.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Attaché Cases Are The New Black

There is a revolution upon us. Say farewell to backpacks, young, urban professionals--and say hello to the attaché case. Otherwise known as a briefcase (perhaps like the one your father carried around in the late 80's), today's cases don't seem suspicious when hitting happy hour after work. The backpack-at-the-bar look always makes me wonder, "Are you roller blading home after this?" Need something to tote your laptop? Forget that nylon, corporation-emblazoned messenger bag; this is the answer. What is more impactful than to arrive at your 10 am meeting, slap your case on the table, flip open the latches and say, "Let's get down to business"? Just having an attaché case says, "I'm not here to fuck around. I'm here to Make. You. Money."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Donor, I Barely Knew Her

Perhaps now that kids are getting out of school, you're seeing less of them loudly crowding around the deli near your apartment on your way to work. I know I am. I honestly relish the peace that it brings to those few blocks before the dreaded L train boarding. But, it's a good opportunity to remember that frankly, public schools in this town have a pretty hard time providing teachers simple classroom supplies they need to give kids a chance to learn. is a not-for-profit organization that gives teachers a venue to write submissions asking for the specific tools they need in the classroom. You can search through various neighborhoods and types of projects, and then actually donate through the site. The program is open to any public school in the U.S., and is tax deductible, just like regular charitable donations. Sometimes all that is needed is as little as $20 from a handful of people to give teachers the books, hot plates, vacuums, maps they can't get through the public school system.

I actually got this as a gift last year for a small amount - I think it was $50 to donate to a project of my choosing. But I saw that a teacher from a school in my neighborhood needed a little bit more to get her kids a hot plate for science experiments and chipped in the rest to fulfill her request. Yeah, it felt great and all, and I got a tax write-off, but the real impact was when I got an emailed photo of the kids in the classroom doing their experiments. My cynicism requires that I'm the last person to think a little help really makes a difference, but those kids looked so pumped to have to wear safety goggles. Check it out.

Hot Search of the Day - Muffaletta

Even with today's drama of the confirmation of the first black presidential candidate EVER, one of the top Google Hot Trends (search queries to make dramatic movements up the ranks of total volume) was for "muffaletta." Now I don't know about you, but my instincts tell me that most of America probably thought this was something other than a sandwich. Just guessing. With my professional knowledge of real top searches and their related content, let's just say that hoagies never make the list. Unfortunately, pervs, it is a sandwich - and it looks delicious.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Sipping

For those of us who enjoyed the summer of 2007 as the summer of the Pimm's Cup, 2008 has some interesting new options arising in our fair city's various watering holes. Food & Wine has captured the recipe from the Little Owl's new version of the Cup, which replaces the Pimm's #1 with manzanilla sherry from Spain. They've coined it the Duke of Bedford, which in reality is a wholly unimpressive title first given to a son-in-law in England in the 14th century. But the drink sounds delicious and refreshing, so maybe throw on your white pants, some docksiders, and attempt the concoction for your next BBQ.

OMFG - Umm....Gorge

Yeah, I don't really have much else to say about this, except, ahhh, Chace Crawford. This is from the GQ shoot for the perfect summer khakis. Men, be aware, it will be difficult for you to replicate this perfect a version of the fatigue. Note, some people find men dressed in white pants unnerving, myself included. You better be pretty damn confident to be male and walk around this town in white denim or linen or what-have-you light shades of cream and white. Good luck, let's hope it's not too hot of a summer.